Why Branded Snoods And Neckwarmers Are The Winter Wear Essential For Businesses

Why Branded Snoods And Neckwarmers Are The Winter Wear Essential For Businesses

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Winter is here and it’s time to start thinking about how you are going to keep your staff healthy, not just from colds but also from winter flu. If they work from home for long periods of time during the day, then they will be mixing with other people who have been at work all day and this can lead to illness spreading like wildfire. Branded snoods and neckwarmers are a perfect solution that will keep your employees warm in the office or outside on site but also display your company branding.

Keltic Clothing offer printed branded snoods and neckwarmers in a number of styles, with samples available free of charge to help you decide which is right for you.

Why businesses should consider branded snoods and neckwarmers

For the cold winter months, companies are now marketing snoods and neckwarmers as corporate uniform items. Snoods typically use polyester or cotton to cover customers’ necks (and during the coronavirus pandemic, their mouths) whilst also keeping them warm during colder days. This is an effective strategy for businesses because they achieve a professional branded image whilst at the same time protecting their staff from covid-19, colds/flu’s as well as the elements.

Branded snoods and neckwarmers are a great way to promote your business

You can show off your brand with a professional high-quality snood, with Snoods Customisable and available in several styles. Our branded neckwear is great for keeping warm during the winter months or as an added accessory to your Autumn uniforms.

Branded snoods and neckwarmers are a great way to promote your corporate image. These products can be used as promotional items at expos, trade shows, or any occasion that requires the use of a neck warmer. Our company specialises in customising these apparel pieces with embroidery so you get your own personalised touch.

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The benefits of wearing a branded item like a snood or neckwarmer in cold weather

The benefits of wearing a scarf or neck warmer in cold weather are that wearers can stay warm and look good. The snood is versatile and can be worn in a number of ways, either covering the mouth and nose or not. On the other hand, scarves tend to be thicker than snoods and thus may not feel comfortable for people with sensitive necks who might find them awkward against their skin.

Neckwarmers, they’re an affordable, yet effective marketing tool

Neckwarmers are the perfect accessory for any marketing campaign. They’re affordable, yet effective and can help stop common colds from being transmitted between employees or strangers in public areas.

A Neckwarmer is an effective marketing tool that prevents common cold transmission as well as being versatile with how it’s styled to look nice or casual depending on the corporate image you require.

Today we live very fast-paced lives where everything needs to be done now and it’s rare that people take a moment to slow down enough so they don’t transmit their germs onto someone without realizing it. Neck warmers will allow you to stay cosy while still staying healthy during those long winter days.

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It’s important for employees to be healthy so they can do their jobs well 

It’s important for employees to be healthy so they can do their jobs well. Also doubles as an effective way to keep staff warm. It can also help fight the spread of communicable diseases through close contact, which is especially important during cold winter months when people are more likely to wear hats indoors.

Companies that use branded snoods and neckwarmers enjoy the following benefits

By using this type of product, companies can increase their brand awareness among consumers. It’s also an affordable option to market your business when compared with other promotional items such as T-shirts or caps. Companies will be able to create a lasting impression on customers because these types of accessories are reusable and functional for many different environments where people might need to keep warm in cooler weather conditions.

Going back to work after long periods of time working from home, staff health is a priority for employers

The cold and flu season is upon us. This means that returning to work after being out for a long time might be more difficult than expected. After spending so much time away from the office, staff will likely have lower immune systems since they are not exposed as often. With low immunity comes to an increased risk of catching something nasty like the common cold or influenza virus, which could spread at lightning speed within your company due to all these factors together.