Why Your Business Still Needs Face Masks

Why Your Business Still Needs Face Masks

In England, the legal requirement to wear a face-covering ended on the 19th July. Face coverings are, however, still required for certain activities in other parts of the UK.

Although they are no longer mandatory, there are some situations in which the use of face masks might still be beneficial. If you’re a business owner or purchasing manager, read on to find out why it might not be time for your employees to relinquish their face masks just yet.

Why face coverings might still be helpful for your business

To provide reassurance

While face masks are no longer essential, many feel reassured by their ongoing use. In some locations, such as a crowded supermarket, people have reported feeling more comfortable when they and those around them are wearing face coverings.

Whilst a large proportion of the UK population has now been vaccinated, there is still a significant number of people who haven’t, for medical or personal reasons or because they’re simply too young. Now that restrictions have been lifted, it’s essential to ensure that everybody remains protected. In countries such as Japan, wearing face masks in busy places and on public transport has been the norm since long before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Now that we’ve become used to wearing face masks here in the UK and have experienced a global pandemic, continuing to cover our faces in certain situations seems a reasonable and responsible precaution to take, provided you are not exempt.

To be prepared

While the number of Covid-19 cases is currently stable, Health Secretary Sajid Javid has said that face coverings may once more become mandatory if cases increase and there is a risk of the NHS becoming overwhelmed.

As we look ahead, it’s difficult to predict what might happen next. It is, however, always prudent to be prepared. By continuing to keep a stock of face masks, your business can remain flexible and ensure that the disruption from any change in guidance is minimal.

To stay safe

Whilst face masks remain essential for doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers, there are other roles in which employees may benefit from the extra layer of protection that face coverings provide. This includes those working in professions such as hairdressing or the beauty industry, where it’s not always possible to maintain a safe distance from customers. Face masks could also be a sensible precaution for those working in hospitality at busy events or in any other role in which people are required to work in a large group or crowded space.

To promote your brand

When a face mask is being worn for work, it can become part of a uniform. As well as being necessary to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 and other airborne diseases, a branded face mask can also advertise what you do and help clients to recognise your company.

Face masks can be embroidered with employees’ names or the name of the department in which they work. This can be particularly helpful when face masks are being worn in busy or noisy environments, such as trade fairs or networking events, as clients or potential customers can be sure that they are approaching the right person.

Always useful to have on hand, branded face masks can also make great promotional gifts, helping your company’s name to travel and stick in people’s minds.

Finding the right face masks for your company’s needs

At Keltic you’ll find a wide range of face masks and face coverings with different options to suit the needs of every business. These include:

Disposable face masks

disposable fabric face cover (non-medical)

There are certain situations in which only disposable face masks are suitable and, for these situations, there are our disposable fabric face masks. These versatile cotton and polyester masks offer all the convenience of disposables with the comfort and breathability of a real fabric face mask.

Reusable face masks

embroidered face masks

Our reusable eco-friendly face masks are made from recycled polyester, using old plastic bottles that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

Available with two different types of fastening, these masks are antimicrobial and antibacterial, water repellent and breathable.

HEIQ Viroblock 3 Layer Face Mask

layer anti viral mask

If you’re looking for a mask that offers the highest level of protection, try our HEIQ Viroblock 3 layer face mask. Featuring three layers of fabric, including a polycotton outer layer and 100% cotton jersey inner, these masks are treated with HEIQ Viroblock antimicrobial technology to protects against bacteria and viruses using a biocide of Silver Chloride.

Durable and long-lasting, the antiviral coating will remain effective for up to thirty washes at 60C.


yellow printed snoods

Snoods have long been an essential piece of clothing for those working in cold temperatures or in jobs in which they are frequently exposed to the elements. These fabric tubes can be worn around the neck like a scarf or pulled up to cover the lower part of the face, including the nose and mouth, making them suitable for preventing the spread of airborne diseases, as well as keeping the wearer cosy.

We stock snoods in a wide range of different materials, from the more traditional fleece and knitted snoods to the newer lightweight antiviral snood, and the three layer smart snood, both of which provide a safe alternative to standard face masks.

Bespoke Face Masks

bespoke face masks

If you’re looking for custom face coverings that will promote your business, we offer bespoke face masks, in a range of colours, that can be printed or embroidered with your own logo.

To order face masks in bulk for your business at a competitive price, contact us today to discuss your requirements.