Anti Viral Gloves

Reusable washable water-resistant touch screen anti viral gloves

sta 2020 winner label heiq viroblock awardAs a leading anti viral gloves supplier in the UK, our washable anti viral gloves not only provide warmth for the Autumn, Winter and Spring seasons, our anti microbe gloves along with superior dexterity, but they also include HEIQ Viroblock treatment, which is tested effective against SARS-CoV-2 (virus causing COVID-19) in independent third-party institutes of virology. Hence making these gloves an excellent reusable antivirus gloves option and also being an Anti viral / Bacterial glove.

The HEIQ Viroblock technology also provides protection against other viruses such as winter flu and gloves to protect staff from coronavirus covid 19.

  • Water-resistant softshell outer, with fleece lining for added warmth
  • Snug fit and silicone palm grip for excellent dexterity
  • Anti-microbe Touchscreen gloves compatible with conductive thumb and forefingers
  • Protection from the elements as well as COVID-19 and other viruses
  • HEIQ Viroblock treatment is certified as safe and sustainable with bio-based and recycled ingredients – no harsh chemicals and hypoallergenic






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Additional info about Anti Viral Gloves

If you’d like a sample of our washable antiviral gloves, just get in touch with our helpful sales staff, either by live chat, email or phone. If you’re looking to source reusable antibac gloves, we would definitely recommend a sample and showing it to your team, to check they are happy that the product is right for them. You may feel that the washable anti-bacterial glove you find is perfect, but if your staff aren’t happy with it, they may not want to wear it.

Antimicrobial / Antimicrobe Gloves

The anti microbial glove is made from a comfortable softshell material that is water-resistant and machine washable. Giving protection and reassurance to the wearer because they are anti-bacterial work gloves, they also have the benefit of being touchscreen-friendly and giving great dexterity in addition to being re-usable anti bac gloves.

What was absolutely key for us when we designed this antibacterial glove was that it was reusable and washable. The reason for this is twofold - one is of course to protect the environment because with millions of disposable gloves now washing up in our oceans and coastlines each week, this is an environmental disaster. The second reason that it needed to be a re-usable anti-viral glove is because of the false sense of security that disposable “nitrile” gloves can give. It is tempting to think that be simply wearing a thin rubber-type glove, you are sufficiently protected. However, studies have shown that wearers actually have poorer hand hygiene if they are wearing a disposable glove, that they wash their hands less often, and that they keep the gloves on for long periods of time assuming they are protected when they are in all likelihood less protected than if they weren’t wearing any gloves but sanitised their hands frequently. This is the reason we wanted to make a reusable antimicrobial glove it kills 99% of microbes on the glove, hence it isn’t like just wearing a disposable glove, which obviously doesn’t do this.

washable antimicrobial gloves

Our washable antimicrobial gloves kill microbes on the glove throughout the day, giving reassurance to your staff and protect them whilst they work. Giving protection from the elements as well as germs means our reusable anti-bacterial gloves are a good all-around product for a reasonable price.

Get In Touch

Please get in touch with our friendly sales staff if you’re interested in trialling our reusable anti-virus gloves with your staff and we will pop you a pair in the post. Many customers have fed back that the level of comfort and reassurance from their staff provided by issuing them with antiviral winter gloves was very high.

    What would you like to know? During office hours, we usually reply within an hour.