Bespoke Face Masks

Personalised Face Mask suppliers, woven from yarn that comes from recycled plastic bottles

As well as our personalised printed face masks, which is where we take our stock black reusable or eco-friendly anti-bacterial face masks and print them with your logo, you also have the option to have a fully personalised bespoke face mask.

Custom face masks

Woven in our UK mill, on solar-powered looms, this has your custom face masks, design woven throughout the fabric, whether you need repeat logos, stripes, patterns, or any other design. Because it’s a customised face mask woven from scratch, this takes 3-4 weeks.

Pictured on this page are some bespoke face covers we’ve produced for other customers, and we can even produce free artwork to show how your custom face cover would look. The yarn that we use to weave our customised face masks comes from recycled plastic bottles, so for every face mask you order, you save two plastic bottles from landfill.

Fully Personalised branded face masks

We would love to chat with you about your design ideas, either on the telephone, live chat or by email. We can also let you know what types of designs we’ve produced for other customers in your sector, as well as sending you samples of bespoke personalised face masks we’ve made for other organisations.

Our Masks Are Eco Friendly!

Like our Eco face covers, these Personalized face mask / face coverings are made using recycled polyester yarn. Almost all other face masks use polyester that comes from crude oil, so rather than harming the environment by taking fossil fuels from the ground, we are helping it by recycling plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfill and oceans.


100% recycled polyester

Please note

Because of their nature, face covers are non-returnable but please let us know if you’d like a sample.

bespoke face masks

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