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Bespoke Face Masks

We supply Bespoke Face Masks to your design, and some examples of our reusable custom face masks are shown on this page. We can either print or embroider your logo or design, giving you fully customised washable face masks for your organisation within 7 working days. We supply our bespoke face masks UK wide, and if you’d like a sample, just get in touch with our friendly helpful sales staff my live chat, phone or email.

Personalised Face Mask Suppliers

As well as our personalised printed face masks, which is where we take our stock black reusable / washable or eco-friendly anti-bacterial face masks and print them with your logo, you also have the option to have a fully personalised bespoke face mask.

Custom face masks

For your washable custom face masks, if you need your logos, particular wording or any other design, in your choice of colours, we can help. Because it’s a customised face mask produced for your design, please allow 7-10 days for delivery. We are more than happy to send you samples of custom face-masks we’ve produced for other customers – just get in touch and we’ll pop some samples in the post.

We deliver our printed face masks uk wide, and have supplied hundreds of organisations with custom reusable face masks to their design. If you’re looking for bespoke face covers, why not fill in our form to get a sample pack of customised washable face masks sent in the post for you to look at? Our bespoke face-masks are very high quality and robust, and can save your organisation a fortune in comparison to disposables. Custom re-usable face masks can be used again and again, and are also much better for the environment.

bespoke face masks

Bespoke Face Masks

Take a look at the bespoke face mask examples throughout this page, and let us know if you'd like further information - or why not send us your logo and get a quick quote for your washable custom face masks? Custom face-covers are a way not only of protecting your staff during the ongoing pandemic, but we ship our printed face covers uk wide to customers who are feeding back to us that it adds to their professional image as well. Proving their staff with customised washable face masks also gives them reassurance that they are doing all they can to protect their staff during these difficult times.

Customised Face Covers UK

Pictured on this page are some bespoke face covers we’ve produced for other customers, and we can even produce free artwork to show how your custom face cover would look. The yarn that we use to weave our customised face masks comes from recycled plastic bottles, so for every face mask you order, you save two plastic bottles from the landfill.

Fully Personalised Branded Custom Face Masks

We would love to chat with you about your design ideas, either on the telephone, live chat or by email. We can also let you know what types of designs we’ve produced for other customers in your sector, as well as sending you samples of bespoke personalised face masks we’ve made for other organisations.

Our Masks Are Eco Friendly!

Like our Eco face covers, these Personalized face mask / face coverings are made using recycled polyester yarn. Almost all other face masks use polyester that comes from crude oil, so rather than harming the environment by taking fossil fuels from the ground, we are helping it by recycling plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfill and oceans.

Personalised reusable face masks

Choosing Personalised reusable face masks is one way you can do your bit to avoid adding to landfill and oceans. The fact that they can be washed again and again means that you only need to issue out one or two personalized washable face masks per staff member, and they will keep going and going - no need to keep buying more every few weeks like with disposable.

Another key environmental consideration is that ours are reusable personalised face masks, they can be washed and re-used time and time again. By ordering washable personalised face covers this means you’re not adding to the huge toll that disposable face masks are taking on our ocean wildlife. When we decided to become a personalised face mask supplier, this was one of the key decisions we took, to make sure they were re-usable.

The quality and finish we can achieve with our personalised reusable face covers is second to none. Just take a look at the examples on this page, and also we will happily post you out samples of our personalised washable face masks to take a look at, just get in touch.

Thousands of organisations of all types are now issuing their staff with personalized face covers, as the country gears up for the reduction of lockdown rules and hospitality trades opening up again. If you’re looking for a personalized face mask with your organisation’s logo or message on, we feel that the best place to start is by getting one of our free sample mask packs. You can then see which style of mask you like before you get it personalised.

Our washable personalised face masks are extremely high quality and designed with comfort in mind.

Keltic are one of the UK’s leading personalised face mask suppliers, and we are also a personalised face covers supplier with a difference - that difference being that ours aren’t just any old face masks, they have unique features which depending on which one you go for, are detailed below. Our washable reusable face masks and anti-viral face masks can be printed or embroidered with your choice of design, giving you a branded face cover that is of high quality and delivered between 7-10 working days. As well as our branded face masks being widely known for their quality, they’re also the most comfortable on the market. As you can see our printed face masks are very competitively priced, meaning you don’t have to shop around for the best deals. If you decide to order one of our eco face covers, you will have the benefit of being well protected from germs, as our masks kill 99.9% of bacteria and microbes within the inside and outside of the branded facemask. Our customers have fed back that their staff have found a level of reassurance in the knowledge that their printed facemasks also provided this added degree of protection. Are you looking for a personalized face mask supplier that can offer anti-bacterial properties on their masks? We have that option. Alternatively, eco-credentials might be your focus - in which case you can purchase re-usable personalised face masks uk that don’t harm the environment right here - in fact they will save plastic from going to landfill.

Re-usable personalised face covers

If you’re looking to purchase a re-usable personalised face cover, please live chat or email our friendly sales staff and they can arrange to send you a sample pack - this way you can “try before you buy” - and this service is totally free. We want to make sure you are a hundred percent happy with your washable personalised facemasks, and this way you can.

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