Disposable Cloth Fabric Face Masks / Cover

Disposable Fabric Face CoverThis disposable cloth fabric face covering serves as a barrier and is intended to be worn for the day and disposed of. Intended for non-medical use, these cloth face masks are for general non-industrial work duties and are super-comfortable. They come in packs of 120 (they are not sold individually) and are non-returnable due to their nature. The innovative single-ply, no-sew design means this cloth face cover is produced with zero human touches.

Disposable Fabric Face Masks / Covers

Whilst we advocate the use of re-usable face masks, and have a number of re-usable options, we understand that there are certain situations where disposable fabric face covers are necessary. Here you have an option for disposable fabric face coverings for your staff that is comfortable and nice to wear.

Cloth Face Masks

Many people find cloth face coverings much more comfortable than the “plasticity” alternatives. Just request a sample to see how they feel. Ultra-soft and lightweight Jersey fabric makes this one-piece fabric face mask comfortable and breathable, ideal for everyday wear. A one-size-fits-most design cloth face mask with raw-edges, two ear holes and contoured shape make the cloth fabric face covers versatile for many different face sizes and shapes.

Please live-chat, call or email us with your questions and queries relating to cloth face masks. We are happy to send a free sample of our fabric face masks to you, so you can check that it’s right for your staff. Just get in touch or fill in this form. We’re confident that your staff will find our fabric face covers a good solution for where a disposable fabric face mask is needed.

Cloth Face Coverings

Each cloth face-covering works out at just 50p each, which our customers have been fed back is good value, when considering the quality. In fact for a very comfortable and versatile disposable fabric face covering, feedback has been that when wear is only light after a day, or when Sursol face mask sanitising spray can be used, wearers have been using them for several days at a time, although this is obviously at their discretion and based on the mask still being in good condition and fully functional.

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