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Eco Face Masks / Covers

Face Mask SuppliersOur eco face covers are made using recycled polyester, so every environmentally-friendly face mask you purchase saves one plastic bottle from oceans and landfill. They are also super-comfortable. This is because as well as being sustainable face mask suppliers, we are also uniform suppliers, meaning we are accustomed to designing and testing uniforms and accessories to be very comfortable and durable. We have taken all the lessons we’ve learned from making uniforms and channelled it into being the best eco face mask suppliers.

Environmentally Friendly Face Mask Suppliers

If you’re looking to source an environmentally friendly face mask suppliers that can supply your organisation, why not request a free sample of our eco-friendly face masks on this page. This will allow your staff to try on the product and even trial it, to check that it is comfortable and suitable for use in their job role. Our eco face coverings come with two choices of fastening. One fastens behind the head – we did this because many people complained of sore ears after a while. But we also have a version of our eco face cover that fastens with ear loops instead, for those staff that prefer it. We would be happy to send you a sample of both types of environmentally-friendly face masks for you to take a look at.

Sustainable Face Masks Suppliers

The difference between Keltic as sustainable face masks suppliers and other companies in the market is first that most other bulk suppliers don’t even have a viable eco-friendly face masks option. The best they offer is a reusable product, which fair enough is one step better than a disposable product, but still involves digging up crude oil from the ground and processing it (most face masks are made from polyester which comes from oil). Our ethical face masks are made using polyester that comes from recycled plastic bottles. This helps rather than hurts our environment by avoiding plastic bottles going to oceans and landfills.

Ethical face mask suppliers

As ethical face mask suppliers, doing the best for our planet has always been at the forefront of our design process. Our environmentally-friendly face masks also take a great deal less energy and resources during the manufacturing process, because it’s much more energy-efficient to make polyester yarn from recycled plastic bottles than it is to dig up oil from the ground and process it into the polyester. Also at a time when we desperately need to keep fossil fuels in the ground, this is another reason why we are the leading ethical face masks supplier to businesses and organisations with a conscience.

Our helpful sales staff would love to discuss the possibility of us being your eco face mask supplier, via live chat, email or telephone. If you let them know the types of job roles your staff are performing, they can let you know other similar types of organisations that have benefited from the use of eco-friendly face coverings.

We can brand this product

1-50: £2.65 each
51-100: £2.35 each
101-500: £2.25 each
501- 999: £2.10 each
1000+: £1.95 each


Calm Green


Kills 99.9% of bacterial & microbes
Choice of 2 types of fastening
Made from 100% recycled materials
Every mask purchased saves 1 plastic bottle from our oceans

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