Embroidered Face Masks

We are a manufacturer and supplier of embroidered face covers, we can embroider any of our face masks with your organisation’s logo, with minimum orders as low as 25. This page shows examples of embroidered face masks /covers, also known as embossed face masks or covers – as you’ll see, we can achieve a very high quality finish that will do justice to any logo or design.

The masks we supply come in 3 main categories, our reusable face masks which are a good quality basic face mask that comes in black, our eco face mask which is anti-bacterial, super comfortable and comes in green, and our coloured face masks which come in all colours. All 3 of these types of masks can be embroidered, and the tables below show what it costs to embroider them.

Take a look around our site, let us know which type of mask you’re interested in and we’ll be happy to send you a sample so you can “try before you buy“! This means you won’t have to commit to getting a quantity of masks embroidered without first confirming that it’s the right mask for you.

For further information about embossed face masks, please email, live chat, or call us.