Reusable Face Masks

We are a supplier / manufacturer unisex Non-medical surgical face masks are reusable, washable face covers are individually bagged (in biodegradable bags) to avoid cross-contamination when distributing to colleagues. They come in boxes of 20 or 100, and are not available individually.

Masks should be washed daily, and Sursol face mask sanitising spray is available to use during the day in between washes, for anti-viral, anti-bacterial face masks click here.

Before putting on your face mask, clean your hands with soap and water. Cover your mouth and nose with the mask, ensuring no gaps. Avoid touching your mask when using it, and wash your hands if you do. When removing your mask, take it off using the sides without touching the front, and if possible place directly into your washing machine. Masks should be washed daily.


£35 for a pack of 20
£145 for a pack 100
(not sold separately and non returnable due to their nature)


95%/5% Poly/Spandex



Please note

Because of their nature, face covers are non-returnable but please let us know if you’d like a sample.


Please note, we don’t supply the general public.
We specialise in the supply of uniforms and accessories to local authorities, universities, the NHS and large organisations, please note we don't supply the general public / private individuals.

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