snood suppliersWe have been supplying eco-friendly snoods, also known as neck tubes or neck gaiters, for over 20 years in the UK. Until this year, they have been purely to protect staff from the elements.

But the covid-19 pandemic has brought with it the need for face coverings to protect from the virus, and increasingly we are finding that our customers want to offer their staff the option of a snood, either in addition to or instead of the standard face mask.

Smart Snoods / Neck Gaitors

So as well as a standard knitted snood and a fleece snood, we have now developed an ethical eco-friendly snood (neck gaiter / neck tube) that has an antiviral treatment. This antiviral snood also acts as a 3 layer face mask when pulled up over the mouth.

Scarf Face Covers / Neck tubes

We have also introduced a lightweight anti viral snood (scarf face mask), which is less about protecting from the elements, and more of a comfortable anti-viral alternative to a face mask which can be worn in all weathers. A good quality basic lightweight snood without anti-bacterial treatment has also been added to the range, to give the option of a good value basic alternative to a face mask, available in a wide range of colours.

Most customers want to see a sample before they purchase, so just let us know if there is anything you’d like to see, and we’ll pop a sample in the post. You can also give us a call, email or live chat if there’s any further information you’d like about any of these products.

All of our snoods can be printed, and prices for this service are shown on the individual product pages.

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Fleece Snoods

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Knitted Snood

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Morf Coloured Snoods

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Lightweight Anti Viral Snoods

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A snood is similar to a scarf but is sewn in a closed loop so it slips over the head and can’t fall off. It is usually worn around the neck like a scarf but there are also other ways to wear it such as over the mouth, or over the month and nose. In the current COVID-19 pandemic many people pull a snood up over their nose and mouth to make a snood face covering. Snoods can be made from a variety of materials and they don’t need to be warm, there are also summer snoods.

A snood is like a scarf but it pulls on over the head and can’t fall off because it is sewn together. Other words for snood are neck tube (which explains nicely what a snood is in two words), neck gaiter and neck warmer, although snoods don’t have to be worn, they can be made from lightweight materials and there is such a thing as a summer snood as well as winter snoods.

There are lots of websites and retail outlets selling snoods. If you’re looking for a sports snood then try your local sports shops or favourite online retailer. Other places to try are walking and outdoors outlets and websites. If you’re looking to source a snood for your staff, go for a workwear or uniform supplier, either locally or online, as they’ll be able to offer a full range, more detailed and bulk pricing.

There are lots of ways to wear a snood, and they depend on the reason a person is wearing one. If they are Amazon ladies snoods or primark ladies snoods then it’s likely it’s worn as a fashion accessory, so will be worn like a ladies scarf. If it’s to keep warm, it’ll be worn snugly around the neck and often tucked in slightly to the top of the jacket. If the wearer wants to use it as a snood mask uk then it will be pulled up over the face to cover the nose and mouth too.