Winter Gloves & Scarves

These scarves, gloves and accessories are designed to provide protection to security guards, parking staff and wardens in even the coldest conditions. Whether it’s gloves with foldback fingers, such as the shooter mittens or patrol mitts, or snoods that keep your neck warm and protect from wind, we’ve got you covered.

If you’d like to discuss any of these products or see a sample, just call, email or live chat us. Whether you prefer “old school” knitted materials, like those used in our shooter mittens, knitted gloves and knitted snood, or the cosy feeling of fleece that you will find in our fleece scarf and fleece snood, you’ll find something to suit all tastes to keep your staff warm and happy.

Our patrol mitts are also waterproof, so as well as protecting from the wind and cold, they also protect from the rain. The fingers can be removed to allow operation of handheld computers and other technology, and then popped back on again when this is complete, meaning the glove doesn’t have to be removed fully, providing even more warmth and protection.

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anti viral gloves

Smart Touchscreen Gloves

fleece snoods

Fleece Snoods

morf coloured snoods

Morf Coloured Snoods

patrol mitt

Patrol Mitt

shooter mittens

Shooter Mittens

knitted gloves

Knitted Gloves

leather gloves

Leather Gloves

fleece scarf

Fleece Scarf




Infection Control

Anti-bacterial reusable face masks, eco face coverings made from recycled materials, anti-viral sprays for garments and masks, and anti-viral snoods, certified to kill Covid-19 and provide residual protection. All items are reusable and comfortable enough to wear at work all day.