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Recycling Scheme

Nearly 33 million corporate garments are provided each year and around 90% of these go to landfill or incineration, which in turn contributes to the release of harmful greenhouse gases.  It’s not just the production of our garments that we take into consideration, we also want to be able to make the most of our garments when they are at the end of their life and there are 2 angles to cover; when the garment is irreparable and no longer fit for purpose, and when the garment could still be utilised but no longer fit for its current wearer or the company who own the uniform. There is also the issue of secure destruction of branded items. With all this in mind we have worked hard to set up a recycling programme where we can work with our customers to dispose of their uniforms in the best way.

recycling scheme
recycling scheme
  • Upcycling: if garments are relatively new but have been damaged or are faulty in some way, we can work with our alterations team to make the garment into something else! They’ve recently been able to turn one of our Patrol Softshells into a water resistant belt pouch!
  • Reuse and repurpose: when ties are returned to us damaged we are able to remove the clips and these are sent to back to our UK factory where they are reused on new ties. Any basic garments such as HV vests or polo shirts can be cut down and used as epaulettes or radio loops for other garments, meaning we do not need to buy reams of fabric therefore using less energy.
  • Donating: Garments that are clean and undamaged are donated to a variety of deserving charities; we regularly donate items to the local St Giles Hospice, worn or end-of-line suits are donated to vulnerable job seekers who may not be able to afford smart clothes for job interviews, and coats and jackets are given to local homeless and international refugee charities.
  • Recycling: we have a great opportunity to even recycle those garments that are way past their best. These are regularly collected by a textile processor, washed and shredded, and used to make industrial rags, loft and wall insulation, and sewer linings, mattress insulator pads and much more.
recycling scheme
recycling scheme

If you’d like any more information on this recycling scheme and how you and your company can become involved, just get in touch.

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