Recycling scheme

Our new garment recycling scheme is set to launch in 2020, starting with customers with 1000+ wearers. Rather than risking garments ending up in landfill or even oceans, we will be collecting items which are no longer required and sorting them out to be either donated to charity, cut up for use as industrial rags or insulation, or as a very last resort incinerated and converted into energy (energy-from-waste).

We’ve spent the last 18 months brainstorming and contacting multiple organisations, and now have a basket of solutions where we are confident that the majority of items can be repurposed rather than incinerated. Some examples of this include donating used suits to vulnerable jobseekers for use at interviews, and removing identifying badges from winter jackets and donating them to refugees and the homeless.

If an item has become damaged, rather than throw it away, we are encouraging customers to get it repaired locally to reduce carbon footprint, or if no local repair service is available our in-house professional seamstresses can repair it for you and prolong the life of the item.

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Recycling scheme 3

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