Street Feet Road Safety Training Kit

The Street Feet is designed to help children in key stage 1 (ages 3-7 years) practice crossing the road safely whilst being in a safe environment. Children can play the role of a different road user allowing them to become aware of road patterns and their responsibilities as a road user.

Street Feet resource includes:

  • Four pavements (4m long x 31.5cm wide) with kerb line
  • Two roads (4m long x 63.5cm wide) – with zebra and pelican crossings
  • Fifteen high visibility tabards in a bag – pedestrian, cyclist, car etc
  • Two hand-held school crossing patrol signs
  • Two red man/green man signs with crossing buttons and stands
  • Two stop/go traffic lights with stands
  • Two Belisha beacons with stands
  • Three destination mats – home, park and school
  • Rigid lightweight carry case with shoulder strap for easy storage (case dimensions are 73cm (H) 31cm (D) 16cm (W), total weight is 8kg.

Improved slip resistance material
Our new roads and pavement material for Street Feet and Cross Roads is heavy weight, non-fraying and slip resistant. Giving you added confidence for the children’s safety but also the longevity of your kits.



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