Give your corporate suits another life

Did you know that when your corporate suits get to the end of their life, or when an employee leaves your business, you can return your suits to us and we can donate them to vulnerable jobseekers so they can wear them for job interviews? Even when the suits have been worn, with a little spruce-up they still look great, and we’ve now helped thousands of vulnerable jobseekers get back on their feet.

bespoke uniforms
bespoke uniforms
charity donations

We work with several charities that not only provide their clients with smart used suits, but also training for how to conduct interviews. If you have one or a few of our suits that you no longer need and would like to return to us, just pop them back in the post with a note (drop us an email first to let us know to look out for them). If you have more than 20 suits, we can even come and collect from you – just get in touch for more information.

Our uniforms also benefit charity in other ways, for instance with plenty of brand new uniforms being introduced into our corporate wear ranges each year, there comes a time when certain lines are discontinued or reduced to end of line stock when new modern lines take their place. Passionate about recycling, reducing waste and donating to charities across the business, we see end of line stock as a good thing, allowing us to increase our donations to charities and ensuring no uniform goes to waste, it in fact benefits people more than we think.

Over the past year we have been donating both male and female suits on a monthly basis, helping numerous people feel confident in a smart corporate image.

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