We know that every garment we supply has an impact on the person that wears it, the person that made it, and on the planet. Ethics and sustainability are at the heart of our business, and at the centre of every garment we design. For instance, our polyester yarn is made from recycled plastic bottles, instead of crude oil like most polyesters.

Our superior pilot and classic shirts are made with Fair Trade cotton. This helps small farmers get a fair and guaranteed price for their cotton, rather than being forced to see at market rates which can mean they make a loss.

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Another example is the Sorona fabric in our Patrol Trousers is made with bio-based ingredients instead of chemicals, which reduces dependence on fossil fuels. The life cycle benefits means 30% less non-renewable energy used and 63% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Our ties are made from 2 recycled plastic bottles in a UK factory that runs on solar power.

There are lots more examples, why browse the site for yourself and see how sustainability is woven in to each of our departments.

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We have also took this approach within our office. We have switched to using all recycled stationery and paper and we limit our printing and photocopying facilities. We have a built in water cooler which runs from he mains so plastic bottles have now been eliminated. We also have our very own recycling station (no more desk bins!)

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