Keltic Christmas Party

Keltic Christmas Party

ticket for keltic christmas party

Once again it’s the time of year for celebrations and plenty of wonderful food. Hasn’t it come around quickly?! Last Friday we had our Keltic Christmas party at the ICC in Birmingham. This years theme was ‘The Hollywood Ball.’ We had a great night with amazing food, entertainment and of course some Christmas drinks!

Keltic Christmas Party



The night included a three course meal which was cooked to perfection. There were many options to choose from and each was as delicious as the next. Most of us went for the chicken main was absolutely amazing. Every plate was cleared!


Entertainment included aerial acrobatics accompanied by on stage singing and dance routines. There were games to take part in, one of these being the task of creating an ‘oscar statue’ from balloons. You’ll see our attempt in the images above! We tried our best!


Along with the entertainment on stage, staff enjoyed auctions and a range of casino games with proceeds raised from these going to various charities. What better way to spend a little money.



Speaking of charity, raising money for good causes is something we’ve been thinking a lot about lately. We don’t want to give too much away but check back again soon when we’ll tell you all about a charity day that we’re planning. We’re hoping to raise a lot of money for a lot of amazing causes! And you can get involved too!

Looking Forward


Overall a fantastic night was had by all, and it brought the year to a celebratory close. We think this fitting as we’ve had a great year at Keltic and have seen some real developments that have benefitted not only us but our valued customers. We look forward to next year, and the further developments that it brings for us all.