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corporate clothingWelcome to Keltic Clothing, the UK’s largest range of corporate clothing, staff uniforms, workwear, bespoke corporate suits / uniforms, business uniforms and body armour. Our product range consists of well over 3000 garments and is growing all the time.

Ethics and sustainability are at the heart of our business and at the centre of every garment we design. For instance, the polyester in our staff uniform suits, trousers, ties, jackets, and softshells comes from recycled plastic bottles.

This way, we have saved over half a million plastic bottles from going to landfills and into our oceans in the last 12 months.

We have just introduced the UK’s first hi-vis vest made from recycled garments. Each vest is made from two recycled garments, collected via a scheme from either old uniforms or old “fast fashion” clothing.

Staff Uniforms for work

We are one of the UK’s largest staff uniform /corporate clothing suppliers, and we are also a family business, trading for over 20 years. Many of our key manufacturers are other local family businesses, with three of them being within five miles of our offices. Find out more about that here.

Work Uniforms UK

We would love to discuss what your organisation does, and what types of work wear, and business uniforms you are looking for. We can send samples free of charge and collect them free of charge when you’re done with them.

We can also visit you at your premises, or you can call in at our offices for an informal coffee and a chat.

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    Eco Friendly Corporate Clothing

    At Keltic, we’re conscious that everything we do has a 360-degree effect on the world that surrounds us. Having been supplying superb quality eco-friendly corporate clothing for over 20 years, along the way we’ve thought about the impact of every aspect of our operation. Millions of people in the UK are required to work in a uniform or corporate workwear, promotional uniforms, and there is a lot of talk on the news about “fast fashion” and the damage it’s doing to the planet.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Sustainable uniforms are work-suitable clothing created from ethically sourced, eco-friendly materials. For example, our suits, ties, softshells and hi-vis vests are all made from recycled plastic bottles, helping to reduce your carbon footprint with UK manufacturing. Contact us now to find out more.

    We offer a wide range of uniforms for different roles. Our collection includes corporate wear, security, road safety and infection control uniforms. If you have specific requirements, speaking to our team is the ideal place to start.

    Introducing eco-friendly alternatives is the best starting point if you’d like to reduce your carbon footprint. Investing in uniforms manufactured in the UK from recycled materials helps you meet your ethical and sustainable standards as a local business.

    If you’d like to customise work uniforms, getting in touch with our team is the ideal choice. We currently offer customisation on certain products, such as eco ties.

    We can provide free samples of many of our products. Contact our team to request a specific sample. We’d be happy to help.

    Call us on 01922 612 888 to enquire about our eco-friendly uniforms and corporate clothing. Or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back in touch as soon as possible.

    Order A Sample Face Masks or Snood!

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