Buy Reusable Face Masks

Buy Reusable Face Masks

Can you buy reusable face masks?

Despite the proliferation of disposable ones, re-usable face masks are widely available. If you are looking for one for yourself, you might find the simplest thing to do is to pick one up when you do your shopping, or alternatively even make one yourself. A re-usable face mask is a much more environmentally friendly alternative to a disposable face mask, as it can be washed and worn again and again. For this reason, they usually work out much more economical. The fact that you can wash and use re-usable face covers again and again means you are only paying for them once, rather than buying a disposable face mask every day or so.

If you are looking for re-usable face masks for your employees to wear whilst doing their job, to protect them during the Covid-19 pandemic, you should consider buying from an experienced re-usable face mask supplier rather than a generic retail outlet. This is because they will have the range and expertise to advise what type of mask is best for the roles your staff are doing, and you will also be able to achieve bulk prices to save money if you need to buy a quantity. We have a wide range of re-usable face masks and offer a service whereby we will send, free of charge, a sample pack of our most popular masks, so you can pick the one that is most suitable for your needs.

How do you make a re-usable face mask?

It is fairly straightforward to make your own re-usable face mask, using just an old t-shirt, and there are a lot of blogs and web pages dedicated to this. As long as you have a basic sewing machine and know how to use it to a reasonable level, you will be able to produce your own re-usable face cover fairly quickly.

If you need re-usable face covers for your staff, you may find it quicker and more economical to use a supplier for these rather than making them all yourself. They are available for under £1 from a number of suppliers, and we actually have one on this website for 75 pence if you need a large quantity. We offer a free sample pack to help your organisation choose what is the right type of face mask for you.

If you are looking into making your own face mask for environmental reasons, please bear in mind that recycled face coverings are available. For instance, our eco face cover is made from recycled materials. For every eco face cover you purchase, you save one plastic bottle from reaching our oceans. Recycled face covers are actually few and far between, some suppliers think that by simply offering re-usable face masks they are doing their bit. But if they are not made from recycled materials, then are they really sustainable face covers? The polyester yarn in our re-Usable face mask is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Are face masks washable and reusable?

Most masks are neither washable nor reusable. The majority of masks sold in the UK are disposable face masks, and a huge number of these are ending up in our oceans. There is absolutely no need for this as there are a great many re-usable face covers available both online and in shops. We ourselves offer a wide range of these, available to purchase in a range of quantities for your organisation. We even offer a free re-usable face mask sample pack, so your employees can try on the masks to check they are comfortable. Additionally we have the added assurance of antibacterial and anti-viral options.

As well as being washable and reusable, our masks are also recycled face coverings, made from 100% recycled polyester. We feel that it the ultimate sustainable face covers are when the product is reusable, washable, and also a recycled face cover. If you would like us to send you samples of our recycled face mask, just live chat, email or call us and we would be happy to arrange this.