Face Masks

As the UK’s leading supplier of sustainable uniforms, Keltic has developed a range of face masks to protect your staff during the current coronavirus pandemic. This includes options to cover a huge variety of job roles and work environments.

Our disposable masks are superior to standard disposable face masks because they are made from recycled cotton fabric which is also more comfortable than standard disposable face covers. But we strongly encourage people to save money and help the environment by going down the reusable face mask route.

face masks

Our black reusable face mask is a great basic option at a value price-point, but our eco anti bacterial face cover is, we believe, the most comfortable and best face cover on the market. We also have face masks in all colours of the rainbow, and all of the face masks shown on these pages can be printed or embroidered.

Face mask samples

If you’d like to see samples of any of these face masks, just email, call or live chat us. We understand that many customers will want to try on a face mask and test out that it is comfortable and fit for the purpose they intend before they purchase a quantity for their staff, and so we are quite happy to send you a sample face mask in the post so you can see what you are thinking about buying.

We also offer a service where we can manufacture your own face covers for you, to an entirely bespoke design. We can actually weave your design into the fabric, in the same way, that we weave company, club and school designs into ties. The yarn we use to weave comes from recycled plastic bottles, so helps rather than harms our environment.

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