Welcome to our range of Magnum boots and Magnum shoes, which includes several products designed in collaboration between Keltic and Magnum, which are exclusive to Keltic. Our Magnum footwear range is designed for job roles where staff are pounding the pavement for long periods, and where comfort is paramount. Heavy on durability, with a smart presentation, our Magnum Shoes and boots offer the best footwear in the uniform market today. Our exclusive Magnum footwear collection includes Magnum Strider boots and shoes, Magnum Safety Strider boot, as well as the Magnum Impact boot. Click on one of the Magnum shoes or boots below to put an end to uncomfortable footwear for your staff.

Choosing a suitable style and finding that high quality, durable footwear option is essential for parking and security staff that are regularly on their feet and often walking significant distances. Our range of Magnum boots provides this, these shoes will fulfil wearer satisfaction, boost staff morale and will most certainly reduce staff complaints regarding unsuitable footwear. Let us know if you’d like any samples and we can arrange that for you.

Our various Magnum shoe and Magnum boot options will also complement any uniform by adding a smart finishing touch, but not forgetting that all-important safety and comfort.

Magnum footwear has been designed to withstand anything life or work can throw at them, and Keltic is proud to stock the biggest range of Magnum footwear in the UK, with options that aren’t available anywhere else in the world.

Perfect for working in environments where your feet may need protecting, or even if you’re running a half marathon, Magnum footwear are an increasingly popular choice, especially amongst uniformed workers or anybody who is on their feet for long periods of time.

Keltic are the only Magnum boot supplier anywhere in the world to offer the Magnum Impact, Magnum Strider shoe and Magnum Strider boot. Whether required for work or for everyday use, our fast delivery across the UK could be bringing you just the product you need to give you comfort, protection and style.

Magnum Boots UK

Magnum is widely acknowledged to make the best quality boots on the market. Their range offers a mixture of features, including water-resistance and waterproofing, slip-resistant soles, shock-absorbing insoles and composite toe and plate protection, allowing for use on sites with metal detectors.

Magnum boots are used by a number of armed forces, security, wardens and parking officers, and are ideal for all tough work requirements. As well as supplying the biggest range of Magnum footwear anywhere in the UK, we also offer world-exclusive products such as the Magnum Impact, the Magnum Strider Shoe and the Magnum Strider Boot.

The first Magnum boot was created in 1982 after a direct demand from the FBI training centre, who were in need of lightweight and comfortable tactical boots. As demand grew, Magnum continued improving on existing designs to offer the consumer the best quality and best protection at the best price. At Keltic, we are proud to offer the widest range of Magnum footwear UK based and have worked with Magnum themselves to try and design an even greater piece of footwear.

Exclusive Magnum boot suppliers UK

We are proud to offer styles of Magnum footwear that cannot be found anywhere else. We designed the Magnum Impact and the Magnum Strider in conjunction with Magnum themselves to make water-resistant, breathable, durable and comfortable shoes aimed at uniformed workers.

Magnum Impact – The Magnum Impact boot has been called Magnum’s highest specification boot to date, made with leather Michelin® Technical Soles, EXCOGEL technology, and a RECOIL midsole. Fully Waterproof and comfortable, these boots offer support and protection for patrolling staff or anybody who is on their feet for a long time.

Magnum Strider – The Magnum Strider comes in both a boot and a shoe style, and both provide water resistance and breathability without compromising comfort or the durable nature of the boot.

Sustainable uniform suppliers UK

As well as all of our proud work with Magnum, Keltic provide a wide range of sustainable uniforms and clothing items aimed at keeping uniformed workers protected and comfortable without breaking the bank.

We specialise in supplying councils, universities and the NHS with all of their uniform needs, and our range of Hi-Tec Magnum boots and shoes are available for next-day delivery on receipt of an official purchase order from any public sector organisation.

As experts in this field, we are continuing to develop new products at an impressive rate, and our expertise is at your service in relation to Magnum footwear and all other uniform items. We are highly regarded as top Magnum boot suppliers UK based, and work very closely with Magnum, and our customer service is second to none.

For more information on Magnum footwear, or just for some friendly, professional advice on what uniform solutions may be best for you, email or call 08450 66 66 99.

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